Lenzing defines the modern denim experience

Lenzing’s 4S garment collection is an attempt to encapsulate the key elements that define a modern denim jean – adding the elements of Science and Sustainability to Softness and Stretch. Register for a webinar on Thursday, September 22, at 12 Noon EDT to learn about new essentials that infuse both fashion and sustainability throughout the denim supply chain.

Comfort meets sustainability

Nothing means comfort more than a favorite pair of jeans. However, these days, denim consumers demand much more from their favorite fabric.  Now they want comfort and fashion that is made with respect for the environment as well. Lenzing, in cooperation with denim industry companies around the world, has developed the 4S collection that addresses all the key components of today’s premium denim– softness, stretch, science, and sustainability.

“Fabric constructions are evolving as companies pioneer manufacturing and finishing techniques and practices based on sound scientific research,” says Michael Kininmonth, Lenzing Project Manager, who will present the webinar. “Sustainable fibers, energy reduction, chemical management, and responsible water use are at the heart of these process improvements to decrease the denim industry’s environmental impact.”

Collaboration leads to innovation

Lenzing worked with supply chain partners around the world to develop the special denim fabrics that comprise the 4S Collection. Using combinations of Lenzing’s sustainably produced cellulose fibers, Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL®, the fabrics in the 4S collection were created with environmentally responsible dyeing and finishing techniques and washing processes using advanced, energy efficient machinery.

“Sustainability in the denim supply chain is a multi-variable equation,” continues Kininmonth. “It takes collaboration across all stages– from fiber to sewing– to create denim that can be comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable all at the same time.”

In the September 22 webinar entitled Transforming the Denim Experience, Kininmonth will introduce the 4S Denim Collection and discuss the research and development behind the special fabrics and designs. Plus, he will share the fashion trends that best showcase the softness, stretch, science, and sustainability of these remarkable denim fabrics.

To register for Lenzing’s Transforming the Denim Experience webinar, click here or go to https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3578436835565282052


For questions, please contact:

Tricia Carey, Director Global Business Development Denim

Lenzing Fibers Inc.

Telephone: 917-690-5154

E-Mail: t.carey@lenzing.com



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