Hohenstein Discusses Product Claim Validation Strategies at IFAI

Tuesday, October 18 at 4:45 PM, IFAI Expo Advanced Textiles Conference, Charlotte, NC

Product performance claims help educate consumers and differentiate brands at retail. However, sometimes the marketing team wants to push those claims a little farther than the legal team believes is advisable. Science based, independent testing can often bridge the gap, providing the marketers with the data they need for their campaigns and giving the lawyers the documentation they require. Unfortunately, today’s functional textile innovations sometimes outpace the development of standardized tests to evaluate them. In that case, companies must work with laboratories to design custom testing programs that accurately and scientifically profile a product’s performance without the relying solely on published standards.

Dr. Jan Beringer, the Head of Development at Hohenstein’s Department of Function and Care, will describe how companies should approach that situation. Entitled “New Functionalities Require Out-of-the-Box Thinking to Substantiate Claims,” the presentation is part of the IFAI Expo Advanced Textiles program and will be held on Tuesday, October 18 at 4:45 PM.

“Hohenstein is a research institute as well as a testing institute so we are very comfortable being out-of-the-box,” explains Beringer. “That unique perspective ensures that our scientists evaluate a product’s performance benefits from the consumer’s point of view in addition to considering available standardized tests. Marketers need every fact and feature to be competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.”

Hohenstein, a sponsor of the IFAI Expo Testing Program, will also demonstrate several new testing technologies in the IFAI Expo Testing Demo Zone. These technologies include a portable, standalone, affordable (less than $1,000) 3D scanner for size matching.

The Hohenstein Group provides a unique, broad range of textile services including product compliance testing, the entire OEKO-TEX® brand portfolio, and product performance testing. The range of performance tests includes clothing physiology assessments for quantifying comfort and fit, 3D scanning, sizing and patternmaking, and independent evaluations of technical features such as UV protection, moisture management, compression, and antimicrobial performance. Hohenstein’s complete listings of testing and certification services, a sample of innovative product development projects, and educational materials are available on Hohenstein’s website or by emailing Ben Mead of Hohenstein Institute America at B.Mead@Hohenstein.com.


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