Hohenstein Webinar Presents New Findings in Compression Design

Hohenstein experts will present new results from a recent research project into the factors that make up a well designed, effective compression garment. Entitled Solving the Mystery of Compression Garments: A Better Shape Derived from the Science of Compression, the webinar will be held on Wednesday, November 16 at 12:00 Noon EST. Free online registration is available at  http://rebrand.ly/HohensteinCompression.

For decades, people suffering from circulatory problems have used compression garments to relieve their symptoms. Even people without diagnosed medical conditions have embraced compression garments to provide muscle support, prevent swelling, relieve fatigue, and, of course, to contour and shape. Many athletes and athletic trainers now consider compression to be an important tool to improve performance and speed recovery.

“Compression can deliver many desirable benefits for many people,” says Florian Girmond, Hohenstein’s director of Consumer Tests Department, one of the webinar presenters. “But unless the garment is designed and manufactured carefully, the compression may fail to do the job it is intended to do. Fabric selection, pattern development, pressure point alignment, graduation profile, and many other factors must all work together to ensure that the finished compression garment performs.”

Research is an important component of Hohenstein’s mission to help clients develop and manufacture high quality textile products that succeed in the marketplace. Hohenstein’s research has resulted in quantitative approaches to analyze fit and comfort, proprietary equipment to simulate the human body’s responses to textiles, and unique methods to test performance features such as thermoregulation.

Hohenstein’s complete listings of evaluation and certification services including innovative product development projects are available on Hohenstein’s website or by emailing Ben Mead of Hohenstein Institute America at B.Mead@Hohenstein.com.


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